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Quality Policy Chromosome Center has the commitment to be the best service laboratory. The report was accurate, fast and effective improvement of the quality management system. Focusing on quality, satisfaction of the customer and those related.

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Update 1 / Jan / 2513

Service Center chromosomes. Commitment to Quality through room service. Operating results and the standard of accuracy and consistency of performance improvement. Property of the Quality Management System. Continued. With a focus on customer satisfaction and related to the use of the sequence. Hospitals, clinics. Both public and private services in Bangkok. And other provinces across the country.

Our Services
Chromosome Center is a diagnostic laboratory and involve with analysis the abnormalities of chromosomes. our service for the patients with various disorders, for example, fetus Chromosome analysis and Chromosome analysis Of hematologic disorders. Comment

How to get service
Contact us at the showing address or contact via your nearest hospital. If you want to try our service, you can Call for more details or contact us via the address as show in the contact page. Comment

For the hospital
For the hospital had already collected the specimens, our center has free onsite service. Please contact via phone number and address as show in the contact page.Comment