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Chromosome Center Partnership. The business of providing laboratory services. From October 5, 2531 by a registered partnership. With offices at 55/5, Phyathai Road, Phyathai Road, Phyathai, Bangkok Is operating. Both the administrative and operating. The chromosome analysis in amniotic fluid The blood service has increased. The order volume. A place where there is not sufficient to perform the needed space to work out, so in the year AD 2535 with the purchase of the building. The new office building at New York housing cooperatives, No. 1129/20 Mountain Road, Dusit, Bangkok, but consideration of the affairs of the Partnership Center chromosomes. The volume of laboratory tests increases. The year 2539 has been expanded and moved to the building floor area four times but moot. Opposite the Railway Rd. To expand the lab to meet the workload of staff. The scientists increased. The new office is 100/58, but only thinking Nakornchisri Road, Dusit, Bangkok. Which is the present. The expert analysis of chromosome 6 to 10 scientists and staff, administrative services, an increase from 15 people. Service is abnormal. The chromosome by using FISH (Fluorescence In SituHybridization), the analysis Chromatography. Modern cell from the blood and bone marrow, the analysis for diagnosis of Thalassemia In addition, the center of chromosomes have the sophisticated tools is the use of Computer automated Cytogenetics analysis to assist in analyzing the results of chromosome number 3 DVD chromosome has changed. The operation consists of the International Co DNA. and genetic lab directory Bora Center.